[Fwd: [UMN_MAPSERVER-USERS] different symbol for elements of the same layer via cgi?]

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Thu May 31 13:24:32 EDT 2007

Steve L,

Here is a good use case for being able to bind a column to a symbol 
image. I'm not sure if you had thought of this or if this would be 
possible. But how about something like:

SYMBOLIMAGE "/path/to/symbols/[symbol].png"

or something like that.

-Steve W

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Subject: [UMN_MAPSERVER-USERS] different symbol for elements of the same 
layer via cgi?
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 18:28:37 +0200
From: Ludovico Bianchini <metlud at YAHOO.IT>
Reply-To: Ludovico Bianchini <metlud at YAHOO.IT>

I'm working with cgi-mapserv and postgis, where there
are stored point elements; everyone has an attribute
with the path of a certain image. Is it possible to
create a map with a different symbol for each point?
I've find this example
but it is mapscript...

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