MapGuide fork of AGG

Paul Spencer pspencer at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Thu Oct 25 11:22:45 EDT 2007


On 25-Oct-07, at 11:15 AM, Sean Gillies wrote:

> Paul, I've made up with everyone who has acknowledged that the  
> community fork of MapServer (through the Autodesk NDA) was not just  
> poorly implemented, but also the antithesis of open source and  
> wrong. Sadly, there are those who can not bring themselves to  
> confront this truth.

thank you for clarifying your position

> Maxim's been busting his butt on AGG. Let's appreciate his work and  
> get over his licensing choice.

This was partly the point I had hoped to make but was obviously not  
eloquent enough to make clearly.


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