MapGuide fork of AGG

Sean Gillies sgillies at FRII.COM
Thu Oct 25 11:34:26 EDT 2007

I'm sorry, Paul, for reading too much into your assessment of the 
license situation. I apologize. I was overzealous in my defense of 
Maxim's GPL licensing.


Paul Spencer wrote:
> Sean
> I think the community as a whole has gotten past the whole cabal thing 
> and recognized that the intentions were honest even if the 
> implementation was poorly thought through.  Perhaps you should get over 
> it, too?
> And for the record, I was not technically a member of that group.
> Also, please point out exactly where I am *admonishing* Maxim for 
> relicensing his code?
> Paul
> On 25-Oct-07, at 10:42 AM, Sean Gillies wrote:
>> A member of the MapServer Enterprise/Cheetah cabal admonishing someone 
>> else for a fork and NDA? Hilarious.
>> Sean
>> Paul Spencer wrote:
>>> Clarification for those of you not following the mapguide internals  
>>> list, Tom Fukushima announced yesterday that they are not actually  
>>> forking AGG because Thomas found a way that MapGuide could use AGG  
>>> without making any modifications (at this point).  They will be  
>>> sucking in a copy of AGG as they do with all other 3rd party  
>>> libraries but will not be maintaining local changes as a fork.
>>> However, the general opinion now seems to be that the original  
>>> maintainer, Maxim Shemanarev, essentially created a fork in the  
>>> community at the time he relicensed AGG as GPL.  In practical terms,  
>>> Maxim has been committing to the 2.4 code as recently as 
>>> 2007/09/05.   The 2.5 code was initially committed on 2006/10/09 and 
>>> has had two  commits since it was created which seem to be keeping 
>>> the two code  bases in sync only.  Personally, I think he was forced 
>>> to create a  relicensed version of his code base when he signed with 
>>> Scaleform and  has found a creative way to deal with it.  
>>> Unfortunately, he has  received a lot of bashing from the community 
>>> for it because he seems  unable to speak about the change (NDA anyone?).
>>> I think that as long as 2.4 meets our needs and there is no  
>>> development going into 2.5, there is no problem.  The problems will  
>>> start if 2.5 gets some development (that we need) or we (by which I  
>>> mean the geo community) have improvements to make and no where to 
>>> put  them.
>>> Cheers
>>> Paul
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