MapGuide fork of AGG

Paul Ramsey pramsey at REFRACTIONS.NET
Thu Oct 25 19:38:19 EDT 2007


PostgreSQL-with-PostGIS is a derived product, and if you distributed  
such a thing in binary form you'd have to also distribute the source  
of both, entirely under the GPL.

Some folks (EnterpriseDB) get around this by distributing them  
separately, and since PostGIS is run-time loadable, this works fine.   
EDB is proprietary, PostGIS is a GPL extension loaded separately and  
(here's the key word) optionally.

Nothing above the database layer falls under the aegis of the GPL.   
MySQL would love if it did, but it doesn't.  MySQL ended up  
relicensing their client libraries as GPL, specifically in order to  
bring more suckers (er, clients) into their commercial re-licensing web.


On 24-Oct-07, at 7:36 AM, Dave McIlhagga wrote:

> I realize this is a bit of a tangent from the original discussion  
> -- but does anyone have an idea of where the line is vis-a-vis  
> PostGIS since it too is GPL? ie. if a proprietary solution built  
> with MapScript is distributed built on MapServer today AND PostGIS  
> -- would that be in violation of the license?

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