MapGuide fork of AGG

Dave McIlhagga dmcilhagga at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Thu Oct 25 22:23:34 EDT 2007

Thanks for the clarification Paul. That's good to know.


On 25-Oct-07, at 7:38 PM, Paul Ramsey wrote:

> Dave,
> PostgreSQL-with-PostGIS is a derived product, and if you  
> distributed such a thing in binary form you'd have to also  
> distribute the source of both, entirely under the GPL.
> Some folks (EnterpriseDB) get around this by distributing them  
> separately, and since PostGIS is run-time loadable, this works  
> fine.  EDB is proprietary, PostGIS is a GPL extension loaded  
> separately and (here's the key word) optionally.
> Nothing above the database layer falls under the aegis of the GPL.   
> MySQL would love if it did, but it doesn't.  MySQL ended up  
> relicensing their client libraries as GPL, specifically in order to  
> bring more suckers (er, clients) into their commercial re-licensing  
> web.
> P.
> On 24-Oct-07, at 7:36 AM, Dave McIlhagga wrote:
>> I realize this is a bit of a tangent from the original discussion  
>> -- but does anyone have an idea of where the line is vis-a-vis  
>> PostGIS since it too is GPL? ie. if a proprietary solution built  
>> with MapScript is distributed built on MapServer today AND PostGIS  
>> -- would that be in violation of the license?

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