[mapserver-dev] WCS RESPONSE_CRS and BBOX projection

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Mon May 19 17:10:43 EDT 2008

Folks, WCS gurus,

I'm quite suffering from a problem that have been discovered 4 years
ago in the following bug:

Actually I'm using CRS and RESPONSE_CRS in parallel and specifying the
BBOX according to the EPSG passed in the CRS parameter.
In this case the map projection corresponds to the RESPONSE_CRS
setting and therefore the BBOX should be projected from CRS to
RESPONSE_CRS before creating the image.

My additional issue is that I intend to pass RESX and RESY (related to
the CRS) instead of HEIGHT and WIDTH and want to preserve the
resolution regardless of the
change in the RESPONSE_CRS setting. Therefore the resx and resy should
also recalculated between the spatial reference systems.

I've attached a patch to the ticket above that corresponds with my
requirements, however I'm not sure in that all of the implications
have properly been considered

Is this change reasonable and compliant with the WCS specs?

Best regards,


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