[mapserver-dev] GAP with TTF symbols changed behavior in MapServer 5.0

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Jun 5 15:08:26 EDT 2009

Thomas Bonfort wrote:
> I'll take the blame for that one, I made that change to follow the
> documentation (which doesn't state that the symbol stays top-up, but
> that a 180 degree rotation is applied). Not sure this is ever used
> though, as there have been no bugs filed on this in nearly two years.

You're right that the documentation doesn't provide a good description 
of the behavior (whether it's the old one or the new one)... but before 
fixing it I wanted to make sure it was not me who had missed something.

I've created a ticket for the docs:

> I'm not against reeanbling the previous behavior, although this would
> remove the possibility to specify a simple that repeats along a line
> but does not follow its orientation. I guess this can be overcome in
> future versions, where GAP is moved into the styleObj, and angle can
> be AUTO.

I'm not sure if we should re-enable the old behavior or not. I don't 
have a need for it personally and a case can be made for a symbol with 
no rotation too. At this point I am mostly concerned about getting the 
docs right.

What do others think?

Daniel Morissette

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