[mapserver-dev] SOS responseFormat

bartvde at osgis.nl bartvde at osgis.nl
Tue May 19 05:05:26 EDT 2009

Hi list,

these are my first steps into the SOS field. I am trying to write an SOS
client in OpenLayers based on the work from Till Adams, and I am testing


However, it seems there is already a discrepancy between the two
implementations about the correct value of responseFormat.

52North wants (note the quotes around subtype value)

Mapserver wants:
text/xml; subtype=om/1.0.0

If I look at the OGC spec it seems 52North is more right. Although 52North
cannot deal with a space after the ; which seems a bit weird to me. The
spec examples also use a space in between.

Any SOS expert willing to comment on this? Since right now this is
breaking interoperability :-)


Best regards,

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