[mapserver-dev] MapServer Logo...

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed Nov 25 11:49:33 EST 2009

Steve Lime wrote:
> The recent post to the osgeo discussion list about project logos got me thinking *again* about logos and our lack of 
> anything official. There was a thread last year on the topic with an idea I had (see attached) based on a combination
> of folded highway map and pixels. Some folks liked it, others thought it was too "Windows-ish". I still see
> potential in it...
> Anyway, I'd *really* like to do something on this. We could:
>   - float my idea to user list asking for specific implementations with it as a base (a contest with a starting point),
> might get some interesting variations
>   - create a logo contest starting from scratch
>   - commission a logo (need $'s)

I think we should do a contest and use your idea as a seed for the 
contest and let people use it as a spring board or create a new idea.

Set some kind of time limit like all submissions must be received by Jan 
1, 2010. All submissions are posted on the wiki for review and comments 
and then the PSC selects the top 3-5 or not and puts them up for a 
community vote.

Or something along those lines.

-Steve W.

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