[mapserver-dev] problem with euro symbol in getFeatureInfo request

Guillaume Sueur no-reply at neogeo-online.net
Fri May 21 16:02:30 EDT 2010

Hi Assefa,

Never mind, that was a stupid postgresql client_encoding problem, set to 
latin1 and not to latin9.

Sorry for the noise, and thanks for your piece of info, which reminded 
me of some other problems I had recently :-)


Le 21/05/2010 20:50, Yewondwossen Assefa a écrit :
> Hi Guillaume,
> I think http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/3297#comment:4 sums
> possibly the problem that you are having with encoding and
> getfeatureinfo in general.
>  From what I can gather from these discussions is that we need to
> agree/define first of all the internal encoding of MapServer and then
> implement encoding support anywhere that is needed in MapServer. I guess
> this would necessitate someone pushing it through an RFC. There might
> also be a more local solution to just support the encoding at the OCG
> level and solve issues described in this bug. This has limited usage but
> might be something to consider for the 6.0 release, until a
> comprehensive encoding support is implemented in MapServer.
> regards,
> On 21/05/2010 10:37 AM, Guillaume Sueur wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I get an error when firing a getFeatureInfo request on a record having
>> a euro symbol in its values. This seems to be because mapserver can't
>> encode it in iso-8859-1, which is quite normal.
>> How could I fix the code to make MapServer use 8859-15 codepage ?
>> Many thanks,
>> Guillaume
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