[mapserver-dev] Scale Dependent Token Replacements: to mapscript or not to mapscript

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 00:41:34 PST 2012


There's a point that I overlooked when submitting RFC86, which concerns
exposing the scale dependent token mechanism to mapscript.

I'd argue that the whole point of the RFC is to simplify mapfile management
thus avoiding the use of mapscript in a number of cases, and that there is
no real usecase in exposing this API to mapscript (as a mapscript script
can do these replacements directly on the layer's data/filter).
If there is no objection, I will amend the mapscript part of the RFC to
state: "Given the more straightforward methods to obtain the same results
as this RFC in mapscript, access to a layer's SCALETOKENs will  not be
exposed to mapscript for the time being".

So, are there any objections? :)

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