[mapserver-dev] Propose Documentation on RFC-6 - COLORRANGE

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Thu Feb 9 09:54:56 EST 2012

Thomas and I had talked about some relatively routine changes to make the current implementation more useful back at the Montreal sprint. I almost did that work at the sprint but decided it was too close to the 6.0 release to pursue. I misplaced my notes on what I was going to do (Thomas do you remember?)... I think we were going to create a RANGE block and a few other things.

I could pick up that work ahead of the 6.2 feature freeze if it can be defined again. Will sort through papers...


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Some background on this:

- the feature is still not finished (see the open ticket

- in that ticket i wrote: "Note that I had worked on this documentation
long ago, but was told by the MapServer PSC not to add it, as the
feature has not been approved by the PSC"

- Steve's followup: "Jeff's correct. We had talked about some changes
we'd like to see back at the sprint but didn't feel it was appropriate
to make them so close to the release. They'll be in 6.2 for sure though."

Maybe this feature should be tackled at the sprint this week?  That
would be excellent!


On 12-02-09 2:41 AM, Smith, Michael ERDC-CRREL-NH wrote:
> All,
> We have had COLORRANGE in MapServer since 4.6. I propose we add
> documentation on this feature (and vote on RFC 6 if we need to). We have
> used this feature in the OSGeo Benchmarking exercise. Its well known by
> power users but there is no good docs on this. Its time to document.

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