[mapserver-dev] Label positioning around points

Christy Nieman cnieman at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Jul 18 08:45:05 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I was just wondering if the position order around points is still open 
for comment.

I know that there was discussion about this in the spring, and that a 
change was implemented (though, I have to admit that I just noticed the 
difference when comparing a tile cache that I created before the change 
to one created a couple weeks ago).  I'm not sure if having UC and LC as 
the first two positions considered preferable to how the positioning 
worked before.  In a cluttered map, I find it non-intuitive to associate 
a point with a label that is centred above/below it.  I would personally 
expect something like UR, UL, LR, LL, CR, CL, UC, LC.  Map labelling 
convention for points based on what I remember from my schooling and my 
experiences since then seem to prefer UR and LR as the first locations 
to consider.

If it is not desirable to implement another change to the AUTO label 
position order, perhaps it is necessary to consider the suggestion from 
the spring to have the option of specifying a custom "AUTO" label 
placement order (no idea how difficult this would be to implement).

I just wanted to throw this out there.

Christy Nieman
GIS Technician
DM Solutions Group, Inc.
Email: cnieman at dmsolutions.ca
Web: http://dmsolutions.ca
Phone: 613-565-5056 x314

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