[mapserver-dev] Overwrite Extent for WMS

Fabian Schindler fabian.schindler at eox.at
Fri Mar 15 07:06:30 PDT 2013

Dear Devs,

I want to configure a layer for WMS where I set the extent of the image
with a dateline wrapped extent (for raster files that cross the dateline).

Now I expected I could do this with "wms|ows_extent" metadata entries,
but it only works for "plain" raster files with no geospatial metadata

It does not work, however, with GeoTIFFs with projection and
geotransform set. The images are always at the extent that is given in
the raster file itself.

For comparison: in WCS when "ows|wcs_extent" and any of "ows|wcs_size"
or "ows|wcs_resolution" is set, the extent is always overruled by the

Is this behavior intended? Or did I stumble over a bug? Is there any
other way to overrule the input data extent without touching the file


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