[mapserver-dev] New ScribeUI 0.3 Release

Jessica Lapointe jlapointe at mapgears.com
Fri Sep 6 13:31:47 PDT 2013

Hi List,

ScribeUI is a tool meant to help the editing and management of mapfiles,
supporting Scribe and Standard mapfile syntax. I am currently developing
this tool as a Google Summer of Code project.

The Google Summer of Code ending very soon, the goal of this new release is
bugfixes, and the beginning of the new plugin system! Please keep in mind
that a lot of bugs remain, any feedback is welcome, should it be new
feature ideas, general comments or bug reports.

*What's new ?*

   - Fixed issue #11. This bug caused the client not to keep up with maps
   deleted in the backend.
   - Added the current zoom level on the map! ( issue #12 ) This makes it
   much easier to define your Scribe scale ranges.
   - Fixed font size issue #14, the browser tab is now much more
   comfortable to use.

*Work In Progress*

Still in progress is a simple plugin system. Some functions were added on
the client side to make it easy to add buttons and tabs to the interface.
The back-end side of plugins is not supported yet.


ScribeUI and its installation instructions are available on github:

To get ScribeUI 0.3, you can clone the repo on github and checkout v0.3 or
you can download an archive:

Bug reports can be made on github:

Thanks a lot!
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