[mapserver-dev] Raster fliped with WMS and reprojection

Yves Jacolin yves.jacolin at camptocamp.com
Thu Jun 12 05:12:58 PDT 2014


I have a raster file in GeoTiff, EPSG:4326. I am using it in a mapfile for
WMS services in EPSG:3857.

When zooming out I get the raster layer flipped. All other vector layer are
ok. It seems that it occurs when the BBOX is outside the EPSG:3857 projected
bounds limitation [1].

I have another issue which may not be linked with the previous one: a
vertical blank line appear on the left (beyon 180 degrees). However, the
raster is showing again after the date line.

Here two requests, the first one shows the wrong result:

The second one shows the good result:

- WIDTH=1503
+ WIDTH=1502

This MapServer is quiet old but I can reproduce the issue with master.

If I open the raster file directly in QGIS I have some other rendering
issue (some part of the raster are not displayed at all, but always
different part among the zoom level (always on the left anyway).

Log in MapServer doesn't seems to show any error.

Any idea? Should I fill a ticket with this?


[1] http://epsg.io/3857
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