[mapserver-dev] missing files using built-in OpenLayers template

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Jun 16 05:09:33 PDT 2014

Oh ok great, thanks for confirming this Lars, I thought I was going crazy :)

I have no idea how the website and github are linked now, but I just
poked around the ProjectsVM and found that js file, so I copied the img
and theme folders there: http://www.mapserver.org/lib/  ...but still no
luck.  Will keep looking.


On 2014-06-16, 5:47 AM, Schylberg Lars wrote:
> You are right Jeff,
> The openlayers script was missing in April and I asked that it would be put back.
> It was recoverd but unfortunally the small images was not put back.
> I started to use a local copy at the same time so I forgot to mention that as well.
> /Lars S.
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> Hello all,
> I have hit a wall, and I am hoping someone can confirm my suspicions.
> When using the built-in OpenLayers template (http://mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-63.html), I believe there are some missing "img" and "theme" folders on the server where the OpenLayers-ms60.js file lives: http://mapserver.org/lib/
> If I test the CGI with MODE=browse&TEMPLATE=openlayers, my map will always appear, I can zoom/pan, but the OpenLayers control images (zoom,
> pan) are broken.  Firebug is looking for them at something like and
> Looking at http://mapserver.org/lib/ I see that the OL file was modified on April 15th...I wonder if this has to do with the server changes, and possibly those img/style folders were not moved?
> Or put another way: can anyone else see the zoom/pan images now when trying mode=browse&template=openlayers ??
> Thanks all!
> -jeff
> PS. it would be odd if I am the first person to notice this in 2 months!!!
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