[mapserver-dev] Documention update (i18n)

Yves Jacolin yves.jacolin at camptocamp.com
Sun May 17 05:06:32 PDT 2015


I just pushed translation file to transifex from branch-7.0. I also pull
translated file from transifex and pushed them into branch-7.0.

Everything is uptodate now (well "should be"). If you think there are some
problem, just send me a message here or in transifex.

I also enabled all language in Makefile (add it in TRANSLATIONI18N
parameter +
LC_MESSAGES directory in each langage.

Travis is still testing the documentation build processing but I guess it
be a success.

I have only one issue that I can't correct. How documentation is updated in
the server? I though it was build on travis-ci and then push on the server
french and other langage are not uptodate.

Last thing to tell you QGIS documentation shows in the footer the date of
last update and a link to transifex. I will try to do something similar
MapServer to help to find the correct transifex page to correct a typo.


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