[mapserver-dev] OPENOPTION (was Re: Dropping support for GDAL < 2 ?)

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) steve.lime at state.mn.us
Fri Aug 23 06:30:56 PDT 2019

Would CONNECTIONOPTIONS be more generic? I could see that being useful for other drivers where key:value pairs are used as part of the configuration.

For 8.0 a broader conversion of the syntax for layer->processing and outputformat->formatoptions could be implemented. For the latter you'd get:

  NAME "kayml"
  MIMETYPE "application/vnd.google-earth.kml+xml"
    "FILE" "myTemplate.kml"
    "ATTACHMENT" "queryResults.kml"

In this case you could ensure backwards compatibility by adding recognizing FORMATOPTION as a shortcut.

Perhaps a new PROCESSINGOPTIONS block should be added and PROCESSING is handled as a shortcut for backwards compatability.


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> A new Mapfile keyword will require changes for SWIG support I believe?

In my initial implementation, this adds a new member (a hashTableObj) in the
struct layerObj. I don't think this would require specific SWIG changes.

> My preference from a syntax point of view (although blissfully unaware of
> the implementation issues it will raise!) would be to turn PROCESSING into
> a block with the same syntax as METADATA e.g.

On the parser side there would be some complication to distinguish the old
PROCESSING "key=value" syntax with the new block approach. I'm not sure we
have a precedent of that.

And the processing member of layerObj is not exposed to SWIG currently. It
uses a char** processing + int numprocessing that are inconvenient to bind to
SWIG. They should likely be converted to a hashTableObj to be exposed to SWIG.

> SWIG could then use a dict type approach in the same way as METADATA to
> update and add, modify keys and values in the PROCESSING block.

If OPENOPTION uses a hashTableObj as METADATA does, then this would be similar
to interacting with metadata.

I'm also open to a block based approach for OPENOPTION if that seems better
        "key1" "value1"
        "key2" "value2


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