[mapserver-dev] Expire tiles and update new after Postgres DB update using mapcache

parsis presswala parsispresswala at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 21:52:30 PDT 2019

I have developed the map using MapServer and pre-generated tile using
mapcache. Now I have an idea to update the database every day. As changes
apply in the database only those parts should be re-render and new tile
should be generated. As changes are very small and rendering all ties from
start is difficult to process.

I got expiry list of tiles by following osm2pgsql:

osm2pgsql --append --slim --cache 1000 --multi-geometry
/home/parsis/diff_file_minute.xml --number-processes 2 --hstore -d testdemo
-r xml -e6-11 -o /home/parsis/expire.list

Got list something like this:

 - 11/329/713
 - 8/40/91
 - 10/164/357
 - 7/29/47

I find another approach using render_expired
but don't know how to use it with mapcache.

How is it possible using mapcache_seed?
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