[mapserver-dev] MapServer 8.0 Config File

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Tue Jun 15 10:55:45 PDT 2021

I guess I'll be able to answer these questions once I get this working 
inside MS4W.  Steve let me know and I'll dive into testing this config 

I think new users will really like this config file.


On 2021-06-15 2:32 p.m., Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I assume that if an admin defines a set of mapfiles in the MAPS section 
> of the config file, then only those mapfiles would be allowed 
> (automagically) through CGI etc (therefore removing the difficult setup 
> of the new MS_MAP_PATTERN environment variables, which unfortunately 99% 
> of the users will never understand/be able to setup).  Am I 
> understanding the goal correctly here for this config file?
> Put another way: how does defining a mapfile in the MAPS section of the 
> config file relate to the default MS_MAP_PATTERN & MS_MAP_BAD_PATTERN 
> (which most users will never understand or be able to setup) ?
> So with a secure config file required for the 8.0 release, can we remove 
> the hardcoded values for MS_MAP_PATTERN & MS_MAP_BAD_PATTERN that are 
> currently in the source code?
> -jeff
> On 2021-06-15 2:04 p.m., Steve Lime wrote:
>> Hi all: Just checking on folks thoughts on moving forward with a 
>> config file. There was a bit of discussion back in early April...
>> https://github.com/sdlime/mapserver/wiki/MapServer-8.0-Config-File 
>> <https://github.com/sdlime/mapserver/wiki/MapServer-8.0-Config-File>
>> Would be nice to move on it sooner rather than later.
>> --Steve
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