[mapserver-dev] tinyows improvements - question about shp2pgsql

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Jun 18 12:15:52 PDT 2021

Great, pull requests will be well received at 
https://github.com/MapServer/tinyows against the 'main' branch/

Your ideas look good (I believe I recently updated the demo scripts for 
the latest PostGIS, which call the shp2pgsql utility)

Thanks for the feedback and testing!


Jeff McKenna
GatewayGeo: Developers of MS4W, MapServer Consulting and Training
co-founder of FOSS4G

On 2021-06-18 3:29 p.m., Bruno Friedmann via mapserver-dev wrote:
> Hello the team, refreshing the packaging for openSUSE of tinyows I was finding
> some hicups I would (will try) to fix.
> Here's my list of wishes :-) normally each one will got a proper issue, then a
> pr.
> - move away from pg_config as stricto senso tinyows is not a server extension
> it's just a client so using pkg-config(libpq) should be enough.
> I will get inspired by what have been done last year in gdal.
> - shp2pgsql : I (re)discovered that shp2pgsql is a mandatory element, who
> remember why, or which feature use it ?
> Thanks for any advise or element that would help me.

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