[Mapserver-inspire] MapServer and INSPIRE

Passmore, James H. jpass at bgs.ac.uk
Thu Apr 14 05:26:31 EDT 2011

Hi Martin,

I have a php mapscript working to provide a 'scenario 1' response for a service that supports only one language.  Thanks go to Assefa Yewondwossen for providing the basis of this script.

I have a test service running here:
http://ogc.bgs.ac.uk/BGS_Bedrock_and_Surface_Geology/wms.php?SERVICE=WMS&request=GetCapabilities& if you want to see if this is what you need to provide.

I'm happy to provide the script to you directly but I think it would be good if we could post this as an example on the MapServer site itself.  I don't know though how to get that to happen.


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