Questions on layer display, Rosa applet

Ben Lewis benlewis1 at
Tue Nov 7 11:50:55 EST 2000

I started with the demo and loaded my own data, everything is going well 
reprojection, query - except I can't get the layers to turn on and off.  
Status=default gets them on.  Status=on does not, but I cannot turn them on 
from the "Select Layers to Display"  window. Any help appreciated.

BTW MapServer is fast.  I've got a 100 meg shape file I'm cruising around w/ 
4 second refresh times on a 260 megahertze!  That's indexed using shptree.

One other question, the Rosa applet looks very nice, and I'm going to be 
giving a presentation on Open Source GIS, using MapServer (and the Rosa 
applet if possible) as an example of a great OS GIS web apps, and wanted to 
see if there was a quick how to that could get the applet running in an hour 
or so. No big deal if it's more involved than that.

Thank you.

Ben Lewis
Advanced Technology Solutions, Inc.
Lancaster, PA

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