Polygons not getting filled ?

Stephen Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Tue Nov 7 14:04:44 EST 2000

What are the particulars of the data? Is it tiled? Projected?

What software version?

I've seen this in cases where folks where using tiled data but the tiles where not
set up identically. That caused item lookups (i.e. name => column index) to be
misaligned and classification then fails. I've not run across polygons that bust
the renderer although they may exist.

I'd really need to be able to re-create the problem here to do much.


Stephen Lime
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Minnesota DNR
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>>> "Doyon, Jean-Francois" <Jean-Francois.Doyon at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca> 11/07/00 10:09AM >>>

I just noticed a strange little something with someof the data I'm using ...
it seems some polygons are not getting filled with the color they should be
! I have no idea why, however. In my case it seems it's mostly coastal
islands and so on ... The polygon is there, and if I query an attrbiute, it
works fine, but it's colored as the background (As if the polygon is being
colored transparent, or not at all, not sure).

I noticed this because I use two seperate layers to fill the colors of the
polygons, and draw the "borders" ... so I started noticing some islands were
having their coast drawn, but they were the color of the background ! At
first I thought maybe the polygon that was supposed ot be thet was missing,
but no, it's there allright, I can even query it !

If I try to force it using CLASSITEM and EXPRESSION, still no go ...

Anybody know what might be causing this ?

Thanks !

Jean-Francois Doyon
Internet Service Development and Systems Support
GeoAccess Division
Natural Resources Canada
(613) 992-4902

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