[Mapserver-users] Intro & Questions

Ben Minton benminton at austarnet.com.au
Mon May 10 23:26:15 EDT 2004

Hi All.

I'm Ben, Darwin, NT, AU. Just subscribed to the list.

Read the online docs but have some questions about MapServer and what it can do.

Can MapServer handle other formats ie MapInfo or ArcInfo Export?
What minimum hardware requirements are there? ie can I run an older gen 486 as a MapServer?
Are all ShapeFile formats the same? As my GIS data is in ArcView Shapefile format can it be used as is or does it need to be converted to ESRI ShapeFile format?
If so, is there a good converter app for this?

Should I install Apache first then MapServer?

Thanks in advance, look forward to learning.

Cheers, Ben

Ben Minton
Darwin, NT, AU
benminton at austarnet.com.au

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