[Mapserver-users] PHP4 - Is it possible???

James Case casej at ccom.unh.edu
Tue May 18 13:33:43 EDT 2004

I solved the installation problem.  The configure script seems to be
sensitive to order of options.  Now working on producing a map...


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James Case escreveu:

> I am running a Trustix 2.1 Linux server, PHP 4.3.4, MapServer 4.2b1.
> Can PHP/MapScript be compiled? I have tried all permutations and 
> exhausted all help/readme docs.
> ./configure -with-php=/usr/include/php
> Make
> Breaks at:
> Php_mapscript.c:12963
> Any volunteers?
Can you show more details about the error?

by qoelheX

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