[Mapserver-users] PHP/Mapscript -- A problem when modifying gmap75's GMapDumpQueryResults function

P Wilkerson 1wilkerson at charter.net
Wed May 26 01:38:27 EDT 2004

Can someone shed some light on my problem?

I have altered script within the GMapDumpQueryResults() function within
gmap75.pdi (the file that comes with the gmap demo--current version) so I
can format
results output to include thumbnail images and create a link to a different
web page.

The problem is that everything works on one machine (using MS4W on a WinXP
workstation) but when I load it on a different server it doesn't work.
Specifically, the page "breaks" at the point when the PHP script calls for a
map image.

A line as simple as -->  printf('%s', '</A>');  <-- will cause the program

If I don't turn on the raster file (the base map), then everything works

Has anybody run into this before?  Any suggestions?


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