[Mapserver-users] nimamuse vpf importer OR ogr2ogr for win32 w/vpf

Brian Russo brian at entropy.net
Wed May 26 18:43:56 EDT 2004

Anyone know where I can get either:

the original nimamuse vpf importer.

or (preferably) a binary of ogr2ogr (and its friends) for win32 that has 
support for vpf? I've grabbed the latest openev, but it doesn't seem to 
have ogr2ogr, and the one copy of gdal I grabbed off vterrain.org 
doesn't have vpf support (only shp, tab, tiger).

All I really want is something that will (batch) convert vmap0/vmap1 to
shp or some other more usable format. I don't care if it involves
getting hands dirty.

 - bri

Recursivity. Call back if it happens again.

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