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Eduardo Patto Kanegae wrote:
> is there a way to define 2 symbologies for the same class, of the same layer, inside a CGI mapserver application without creation two layers with the same name?
> I mean, I wanna use a vector SYMBOL from the scale 1:250000 to 1:10000 and from 1:9999 to 1:1000 I want to use a PIXMAP symbol.

You can specify the minimal and maximal scale for a class with MINSCALE 
and MAXSCALE. The syntax seems to be the same as for layer. I use this 
to specify when display primary and secondary elements of a layer. 
Maybye it is possible to specify different style for each class.

Hope this can help,


> thanks
> Eduardo Patto Kanegae
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> Projeto MapServer Brasil - http://mapserver.cttmar.univali.br
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