[Mapserver-users] virtual spatial data-ODBC:configuration-windows

Jenu Abraham jenu_ab at hotmail.com
Fri May 28 15:44:48 EDT 2004

Hey guys (chip, joost, zac)

Got the problem fixed....
Its simple...

when setting up the ODBC for the system DSN

In the window where it asks which type of authentication- > go for the with 
SQL server instead of Windows NT

next rember to check the Connect SQL servere to obtain default settings and 
enter the username and password


the problem was ogrinfo was working still with windowsNT authentication and 
with SQL server without obtaining the default settings... But mapserver.exe 
wont work with those settings...


even though i havnt been able to plot a point on my map... atleast the 
connection problem is over for now....



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