[Mapserver-users] Plotting Multiple Lat/Long points and setting extents

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Sun May 30 09:09:03 EDT 2004


This is a virtual data source that has been discussed many times in the 
archive and I think there may be an example on the wiki. Briefly, you 
need to calculate the bounding box of the points or set the default. You 
might want to define a border distance like 1-2% of the extents so the 
point on the edges are more visible. Then you draw (and label? them) 
using mapscript and your done.

Here is one example of a virtual data source, it may not be the best one 
for your needs:

Here is a php Mapscript page:

-Steve W.

Lindsay C. Blanton wrote:

> Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to do this as listed below?
> Surprisingly, no one responded... ;-(
> -Lb
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> Lindsay C. Blanton
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>     Everyone,
>     Say for instance I have a list of Lat/Long points that I want to
>     plot on a map that has existing SHP file layers.  I'd like to plot
>     each of these points, and have the extent of the map set such that
>     all of the points are displayed on the map, but set a default extent
>     if only one point is plotted.
>     Does anyone know how I can do this?
>     Lindsay
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>     Lindsay C. Blanton

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