[VisCom] Re: [OSGeo-Board] Some whining from the outside

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 12 11:41:32 EDT 2006

Michael and Markus,
This topic hasn't been totally lost.  Martin and I have been  
discussing it a bit.  We put out an invite for content and I have  
been trying to hunt down a couple more articles as well.

We talk about it at every VisCom meeting and I've been the one task  
to follow up with Martin.  So don't worry :)   If the other two  
articles come in and you guys are ready to move forward, there is no  
need to wait for me/us.  But we're still trying...


On 12-Aug-06, at 8:00 AM, Markus Neteler wrote:

> Dear all,
> [posting moved here]
> On 8/12/06, Michael P. Gerlek <mpg at lizardtech.com> wrote:
>> > OSGeo Newsletter [...] GRASS offered several times to donate the  
>> material of
>> > the upcoming 4th GRASS Newsletter, I think that the GRASS people  
>> will
>> > use it soon and drop the idea to donate it (because their  
>> authors get
>> > upset)...
>> This is a VisCom issue, and I'll take responsibility for not  
>> communicating
>> properly about this.  We've discussed this a number of times, and  
>> we do not
>> have sufficient volunteers today for doing a "real" newsletter;
> No big problem, Michael. I just tried to figure out the state.
> I can imagine that currently volunteers are lacking to run a regular
> newsletter (btw: the GRASS newsletter isn't regular, but as-it- 
> happens).
>> we're looking to first get a system in place for just doing simple,
>> direct-published news, e.g. blogs.  [The new drupal site gives us  
>> that,
>> woo-hoo!]  I didn't realize the GRASS was waiting on us for action, I
>> thought this was an open-ended sort of offer.
>> (further discussion on this should move to the viscom list)
>> -mpg
> Sort of open ended: as written, some authors request us to get their
> articles published (they are waiting for months). One interview we
> can already drop since it is totally outdated. It is also true that  
> we have
> two promises for articles which aren't submitted yet to us (editorial
> team of GRASS News).
> Anyway, I think that it should happen within 2 months. If that's too
> tight for VisCom, would it be ok to let it go again as GRASS News  
> Vol4?
> We would continue to collect material of OSGeo of course.
> My private opinion, Martin (in cc) may have another one.
> Best
> markus
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