[VisCom] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] VisCom mtg tomorrow!

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Thu Aug 17 01:23:31 EDT 2006

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> On 16-Aug-06, at 9:02 PM, Venkatesh Raghavan wrote:
>> Would like to be a member of VisCom. What do I have to do.
>> edit the wiki and put my name there?
> Hi Venka,
> We just need to vote you in at our next meeting or have Michael 
> declare you a member :)  I will add this item to the agenda.  Will you 
> be able to join us for the meeting?  It's great to hear that the 
> MapAsia planning is working out well.  If there are any other updates 
> you can provide during the phone meeting, it would be great.
Sorry Tyler, I wont be able to be at the phone meeting tomorrow.
Hope to join future meetings. There are a couple of opportunities
for OSGeo promotion in Asia. The organizers of GIS-IDEAS 2006
(http://wgrass.media.osaka-cu.ac.jp/gisideas06/) are seeking some
financial support for OSGeo promotion to cover cost of printing
of OSGeo brochures, CD burning etc. We are also planning an
OSGeo workshop before this conference. About 150 participants
are expected.

Also a big event http://foss.in/2006/ to be 24-26 November 2006.
Heard from Jo Walsh that Postgresql/Postgis and Mysql guys will be
there and would like to team up with OSGeo at this meeting.
Looking into how OSGeo can have presence at this important
event. Some folks from the proposed India OSGeo Chapter
have said that they will be there.

Another one in Jan 2006 also in India (http://www.mapworldforum.org/)
Organizers (Sanjay Kumar, GIS Development have expressed interest
in having a OSGeo workshop at "Map World Forum".

I am thinking of going to "FOSS India" and "Map World Forum"



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