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Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Fri Mar 3 12:04:36 EST 2006

I sent the following similar idea a few days ago, but due to mail/filter probs it might not have made it out:

> As a representative of a closed shop, I too have deep-seated psychological fears
> about discussing issues that touch on in-house corporate plans.  *HYPOTHETICAL*
> example: if LizardTech were to open source the MrSID decoder, we might want to
> work with OSGeo to prepare a press-release for an announcement at some tradeshow.
> Obviously our Marketing team wouldn't want that info leaked before the show, and
> for a number of reasons I don't think OSGeo should (in general) get into the
> business of signing NDAs...
> I suggest we have two dev mailing lists: "dev", and "dev-closed".  Much like the
> board has a private list for a small set of issues, e.g. personnel, we would use
> the "closed" list only when dealing with "sensitive" issues.



This does make a lot of sense.  One thought is to have a 
discuss at visibility.osgeo.org list, where most of the general ideas take 
place, and where anyone can contribute to how to promote osgeo.  The dev 
list can be where specifics on setting up exhibitions, the type of 
details that not everyone really wants to see.  That could be a private 
list, where private strategy can also be discussed.  Another option 
could be to have a PSC private list, where big players can discuss their 
strategy with those who are in charge of the committee.  I think the 
best approach for all of this is tiers, where as much as possible takes 
place in the open, but has the option for privacy when those who need it 
desire it.

best regards,


Chris Holmes
The Open Planning Project
thoughts at: http://cholmes.wordpress.com

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