[VisCom] OSGeo appearance @ Where 2.0

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Wed May 17 06:17:13 EDT 2006

Arnulf Christl wrote:
> Hi,
> we just came up with an idea for the presentation at Where 2.0. We have a
> story to tell and we can stage this a little. This is just at the stage of
> an idea.
> The presentation has to be done by at least two people, more is fine (how
> large a crowd could we muster at Where 2.0?). One of them has to be Gary
> (are you with us?).
> It would start with Gary at one edge of the room and an OS hacker, nerd -
> well us - coming from the other. Then they would start to discuss about
> Open Source. Gary will look like always and wear a suite and tie and
> everything and the other guy maybe could wear a wig with long hairs and a
> slightly rugged coat. Beard? Maybe. Beer? Why not. As they talk they draw
> nearer and discuss Open Source methodology and what spatial nerds talk
> about (basically tracing out the history of the OSGeo from GRASS' roots
> till today and where 2.0 we want it to go). During the talk Gary would
> loosen his tie and take it off, same with the jacket. The bearded wizard
> of OZ would take off the coat and the wig and the beard. Then Gary has to
> take off his shirt (oh, ah) - but wait - there is an OSGeo T-shirt
> underneath it, the same that the OS wizard wears. At the end Gary might
> give away his sunglasses and the nerd passes hie beer on, etc.
> Would be fun. Oh yes, the end is that we present some results from the
> FunCom meeting.
> We would need to have the t-shirts ready by then, together with a ral cool
>  motto - in the end we could even sell some of them.
> Cheers.

anybody out there? Maybe I missed it but it seems like this idea was 
ignored so far. This might mean it is a crappy idea, which is fine by 
me, but I'd like someone to confirm this. The other possibility is that 
we did not explain the idea well enough to be intelligible (also my 
The background idea is to promote that .org meets .com and vice versa 
and that they (we) both together will be more than just the sum of the 
parts. If this is a no-goer I'd like to forget about it soon.


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