[VisCom] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo at events? GISBrasil - august 2006]

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Wed May 24 16:34:40 EDT 2006

On Wed, May 24, 2006 02:42, Rafael Medeiros Sperb wrote:
> Dear Arnulf,
> People from Autodesk Brazil asked me to present it. However, I have
> financial issues and can't go there. It is a highly commercial congress,
> isn't it Paulo?

could you explain in short words how strong you see the need for OSGeo to
appear there and do you possibly even go there anyway? If yes you might
want to check back with VisCom for handouts or further information.

Hi FunCom from VisCom,
funding this kind of initiative should be added to the planned budget.
Depending on the level of activity we want to show the dimension of this
funding would range from paying for passes up to funding a booth. For this
event this will probably be on too short a notice.

> Btw Arnulf. I am no longer head of the environmental engineering dept.
> What
> means that I will be fully dedicated to the Lab. I hope, now, to have the
> proper time for active OSGeo participation.
> Warm regards,
> Rafael M. Sperb

That is good to hear - I knew that you have been planning to reduce
administratrivia, hopefully what you can do for OSGeo will be more fun.
How is MapServer Guarani developing? Any highlights to share?

Best regards,

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>> Another one. Anybody in Brazil for a holiday by any chance?
>> It seems like it is time to reboot the international discuss list, we
>> will
>> not manage to coordinate all events centrally from VisCom...
>> Rafael,
>> any chance of presenting OSGeo there or even staffing a booth?
>> Arnulf.
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>> Hi All,
>> I think this is more in the VisComm arena...
>> Down here we have one big GEO-convention that may interest OSGEO as a
>> whole:
>> http://www.gisbrasil.com.br/ in Sao Paulo/Brasil 17-24 August
>> They claim to be the biggest GIS event in S. America.
>> I know that Helton Uchoa (in the Board somewhere) will give a course
>> there...
>> There is only one booth left, H35 - here:
>> http://www.gisbrasil.com.br/plantacomdex.pdf
>> cheers
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Arnulf Christl

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