[VisCom] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo at events? GISBrasil - august 2006]

pmarc paulomarcondes at gmail.com
Wed May 24 17:27:30 EDT 2006

2006/5/24, Arnulf Christl <arnulf.christl at ccgis.de>:
> On Wed, May 24, 2006 02:42, Rafael Medeiros Sperb wrote:
> > Dear Arnulf,
> >
> > People from Autodesk Brazil asked me to present it. However, I have
> > financial issues and can't go there. It is a highly commercial congress,
> > isn't it Paulo?
> Paulo,
> could you explain in short words how strong you see the need for OSGeo to
> appear there and do you possibly even go there anyway? If yes you might
> want to check back with VisCom for handouts or further information.

Hi Arnulf,

As Rafael alerady hinted, GISBrasil is a highly commercial event, more
so now that it has joined COMDEX Brasil. However, lots of heavy GIS
users are there, either attending or exhibiting. As in many other
places GIS here is a four-letter word. No, it's not ENVI...

Some time ago I worked with the Brazilian Geological Survey, they are
_heavy_ users of that proprietary GIS suite, and also have a very
proprietary line of thought.

So, IMHO, OSGeo has also a role to play here, both in the visibility
arena - people have to know that there are free alternatives to what
they do - and in the Public Geodata arena.

I am not very connected to the GIS people, as now I am working with
petroleum geophysics research, for a major brazilian oil company. So,
I think I am not the right person to represent OSGeo. But I see this
event as a good oportunity to have OSGeo noted here. I was interested
in attending this event, but not planning to do so. If it serves the
cause, I will gladly donate a bit of time and effort to be there
(re)presenting OSGeo.

As a bonus, our federal government has a bias towards free software,
from the ideological PoV - left wing associations make me nervous,
but.... And, the state of São Paulo is, AFAIK, adopting free software,
but for economical reasons. SO, I see a growing awareness of free
software as serious software. It may be the right time to jump in this

Not so short words...
Ah, reproduction is authorized, provided my name is kept on it. (does
it makes this message non-free?)
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