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I've started adding words about target markets.

Daniele wrote:
> Dear Cameron,
> It would be fantastic to see your contributions there, please... Feel 
> free to modify it and include as much information as you like.
> Kind regards,
> Daniele
>> Daniele,
>> This marketing plan is a great idea, and has many similarities to the 
>> equivalent plan for a company like Lisasoft who is looking to provide 
>> commercial support for Open Source.
>> If you like, there is quite a bit of content I could cut and paste 
>> into this page.
>> (I'm asking first because I want to make sure you are happy with a 
>> lot of extra content being added).
>> Dave McIlhagga wrote:
>>> Hi Daniele,
>>> Thank you for the info -- the article you referenced is quite 
>>> interesting .. for anyone who'd like to give it a read:
>>> http://www.conservationimpact.com/marketing.pdf
>>> Dave
>>> On 27-Nov-07, at 3:53 AM, Daniele wrote:
>>>> Dear Dave,
>>>> I would like to thank you very much for your valuable comments. The 
>>>> Marketing _Outline_ is a way to start *organizing* our marketing 
>>>> thoughts in a *structured* way and it will be fantastic if everyone 
>>>> could contribute to make it better. So if you have ideas, please 
>>>> feel free *modify it, improve it*. As a Wiki, that is the “modus 
>>>> operandi”. Anyway, I have a good reading suggestion that might also 
>>>> help, Shelli Bischoff has great small, straight to the point 
>>>> article called “Nonprofit Marketing with a Purpose: Developing a 
>>>> Strategic Marketing Plan to Engage New Audiences” it summarizes the 
>>>> steps a non profit can take to make a marketing plan. If you have 
>>>> the chance to read it, you will see that the outline on the wiki 
>>>> covers most of the topics she talks about... great reading, really!
>>>> And about the commercial enterprises, YES!!! OSGeo is *not* one of 
>>>> those and it is _*extremely*_ important to point that out. But is 
>>>> it possible that a user that *PAYS* for a service wouldn't like to 
>>>> _*save up*_ using a compatible (and sometimes better) *FREE* 
>>>> version? Maybe... _*If they knew about it*_ (here come the 
>>>> marketing and promotion again). So why not compete with companies 
>>>> that offer commercial products as well? Well that is something to 
>>>> be discussed.
>>>> And as for another important thing you pointed out, using the term 
>>>> “customers” (as it was on the wiki) is not the best term to 
>>>> describe people who use OSGeo's services, what would an appropriate 
>>>> term be: Clients, Users, Targets? Great... the discussion is 
>>>> heating up... let's get OSGeo in peoples heads and mouths!!!
>>>> kind regards,
>>>> Daniele.
>>>> Dave McIlhagga wrote:
>>>>> One question that pops to mind .. obviously OSGeo is not a 
>>>>> commercial enterprise delivering software/services etc.. to 
>>>>> customers, and in fact has to be particularly sensitive to not 
>>>>> compete with companies/individuals who are providing commercials 
>>>>> products/services with OSGeo software. However, the marketing plan 
>>>>> outline that is shown below is very much along the lines of a 
>>>>> typical commercial services/software company.
>>>>> Is there a better template out there specific to non-profit 
>>>>> organizations / foundations for marketing purposes? This would 
>>>>> seem like a much more useful starting point.
>>>>> Dave
>>>>> On 25-Nov-07, at 11:19 PM, Daniele wrote:
>>>>>> Dear Marketing Committee,
>>>>>> I have sketched an outline of a possible marketing plan 
>>>>>> (http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Marketing_Plan). The reason for 
>>>>>> it is so that every one in the committee has a clear idea of the 
>>>>>> components of such a plan. I think the part about *promotion 
>>>>>> *(http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Marketing_Plan#Selected_Marketing_Strategy) 
>>>>>> is also quite important at the moment as I felt that many of you 
>>>>>> need print material to promote OSGeo in events... so we can 
>>>>>> create a wiki for that). If you have time, please input your 
>>>>>> Ideas on it. Note that it is an outline so the final Plan may 
>>>>>> look quite different.
>>>>>> Warmest regards,
>>>>>> Daniele.
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