[Marketing] OSgeo at Finnish GIS expo, 23-24 Sep 2008

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Fri May 23 03:05:57 EDT 2008

Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) kirjoitti:
> This is good news. There are several options how to organize and manage a
> booth for OSGeo


It seems that the funds are not a problem. There will probably be a 
space to share with people interested in presenting all things open 
source. Hopefully its not a competition of publicity etc.

The next thing then (assuming I get some people to stand there as "OSGeo 
representatives" besides me) is flyers, banners, T-shirts to give as 
lottery prices and what else. I do have my stack of those that I have 
not used (too small GDAL shirt and too large OSGeo shirt :) but how can 
this be organized? BTW, I don't like getting them free, I'd feel better 
if I paid a yearly membership fee, which would be used for these kind of 
things, or there was a price tag.

I think we can organize computers with all tools and various 
configurations. I believe network is provided by the organizers by 
default. I remember there were servers and data set up for demo 
purposes, is this still operational?


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