[Marketing] extending the logo to a local chapter

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Who wants to draft local chapter guidelines, on this page: 
which we can discuss and vote upon at the next week's marketing meeting: 

Massimiliano Cannata wrote:
> my 2 cents...
> I agree that the logo has not to be changed...
> but what about creating a Logo version for local chapter?
> The same logo of OSGeo but with additional space for writing "Official 
> Whatever Chapter"?
> Maybe just one smallest line below is enough...
> Maxi
> Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
>> Jason's got it right.  I think I wrote the initial draft of those 
>> guidelines, and it was never our intention to support changing the 
>> core logo itself.
>> (This is, as Jason says, a basic rule of branding.  At least until 
>> such time as we achieve market saturation and ubiquity: at that 
>> point, we can start doing holiday-themed riffs like GOOG :-)
>> -mpg
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>> Michael wrote:
>>> I'm thinking something you can add a box next to the compass logo
>>> (like for Associate Member, etc), and we give a color palette
>>> for that, but not change the compass itself?
>> My take: the logo is a stylized mark / special form of our trademark.
>> It is also our "public face" for a majority of users.  Allowing local
>> modifications of the image or the text "OSGeo" is counter to a
>> consistent branding strategy and trademark management best practices.
>> Our policy regarding the logo portion of our trademark appears to have
>> been changed by the marketing committee as part of the redesign (?):
>> http://www.osgeo.org/logos/
>> "To use any of the other version you need to have a mandate to do so.
>> This applies for OSGeo projects, software in incubation, sponsorship or
>> a local chapter. Especially for local chapters feel free to modify and
>> integrate the OSGeo logo components into whatever you already had.
>> Ideally you send your version ot the Marketing Committee so that they
>> can have a look at whether our corporate or foundational identity is
>> still recognizable."
>> I'm not sure that this change is entirely within Marketing's mandate,
>> and is in clear conflict with our trademark guidelines:
>> http://www.osgeo.org/content/foundation/legal/trademark_guidelines.html
>> "The OSGeo trademarks include: the name The Open Source Geospatial
>> Foundation; the name OSGeo; the name OSGeo.org; the OSGeo compass logo.
>> OSGeo's trademarks should be used in their exact form, including
>> capitalization -- neither abbreviated nor combined with any other word
>> or words (e.g. "OSGeo" rather than "osgeo" or "OS GEO", "Open Source
>> Geospatial Foundation" rather than "OSGeo Foundation", etc)."
>> The initial guidelines were very clear on how not to modify the logo on
>> page 9:
>>  http://www.osgeo.org/files/viscom/branding/OSGeo_logo_guide.pdf
>> I think that relaxing this to allow for changes to the tagline is fine,
>> and have no problem with OSGeo being relaxed about "remixes" of the logo
>> for unofficial use, but the kinds of modifications we've seen from local
>> chapters so far, in my opinion, should not be allowed for official use.
>> Jason
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