[Marketing] Re: Zero cents for translation and localization!

Marc Vloemans marcvloemans at b3partners.nl
Fri Jan 9 07:46:48 EST 2009

Hi Roald,
  Great, a Dutchman 'down under'!
  Thanks, I will take your suggestion fully on board, as it should well  work in the osgeo-wiki! It certainly will take a load off my back,  involve the wider community and help the marketing effort.
  I go and check the wiki-policies in osgeo and set up the 'localisation' matrix.
  Will keep you posted.

Cheers, Marc

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Hi Marc,
  Yeah, I'm happy to do some 'mopping up'. Of course you could delegate
  work to people too if you don't want to do all the work yourself.
  There are more dutchies active within OSGeo than just the three of us
  (maybe not all of them subscribed to this list).
  So, here is my suggestion:
        * Make the dutch version (preferable the latest version) available
          for download
        * Setup a page (somewhere on the OSGeo wiki?) and divide the
          booklet into bite size sections in a table format: 1 row per
          section, 2 columns: 1 for the section name, the other for the
          name of the person that translates the section
        * Every person that will work on a section will write down her/his
        * Send an email to discuss at osgeo asking for volunteers. Hey, isn't
          there a Dutch list as well?
        * After the booklet is translated into English and proof read,
          others can translate from there, unless of course there are
          volunteers that speak both Dutch and say, Spanish of course.
          They could start straight away!
  What do you think of this?
  Cheers, Roald
  On Fri, 2009-01-09 at 04:18 +1030, Marc Vloemans wrote:
  > Ok guys,
  > As I am not a developer/code jockey but rather a  MBA graduate and
  > strategist, my contribution to the community will consist of the words
  > to "sell" the code :-)
  > Please, be patient. Initial translation will take roughly 20 nights
  > (writing it in Dutch amounted to around 60 nights) over the next two
  > months.
  > If afterwards Michael and Roald could do the "mopping up", and Lorenzo
  > could take care of the Spanish version, I believe we have a powerful
  > medium for future marketing purposes which will cover a substantial
  > part of the world (by the way, anyone happens to speak Chinese on this
  > mailinglist?).
  > Here goes nothing ;-)
  > Marc
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