[Marketing] OSCON and O'Reilly

Tyler Mitchell tmitchell.osgeo at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 29 21:10:42 EDT 2009

Great to hear - I have also already requested a box of my books but they haven't yet done a reprint.  It's been a struggle trying to get it done.  Please request some soon to help prod them ;-)  If you could send me an intro email, privately, or give me her name, I would appreciate discussion this ongoing (2 years) issue of availability.  The good news is they sold out :-)


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> I had a nice chat with the Director of Marketing Services at O'Reilly
> while I was doing the OSGeo booth at OSCON. She seemed to think 
> that it
> would be easy for her to send us some copies of the OSGeo 
> related books
> for our marketing efforts. I simply need to contact her again 
> with the
> book names and how many copies we want to ask for etc.
> On a side note, have we asked O'Reilly to sponsor/participate in 
> FOSS4Gon a consistent basis, they seem to like to do conferences.
> Alex
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