[Marketing] Event listing

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Oct 29 14:30:39 EDT 2010

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> On 2010-10-29, at 4:34 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> Tyler,
>> Is it possible to add extra fields into the feed?
> Definitely - can add them anytime.
> To add new event items you log into drupal with your osgeo user id:
> http://osgeo.org/user
> Then add new content through the menu system.  e.g. 
> http://osgeo.org/node/add 
> If "Event" is shown as an option there, then you already have 
> permissions.  Let me know.  
> cc'ing Frank since he and I have traditionally done the event postings. 
>  Adding another person or two would help, we just have to make sure we 
> don't step on each others toes.  We usually cc: each other with any 
> responses to emails from event owners, to let each other know who is 
> posting the item.  If that makes sense...


Full details on how the news and events queues is documented


>> Information I think we should have:
>> * Event Name
>> * Start
>> * End
>> * Location
>> * URL of Conference

The above are already included in event listings.

>> * OSGeoAttending? (Yes, No, Undecided)

We do make an effort to note OSGeo special guests, etc.

>>   Note, it is important to list big non-Open GeoSpatial conferences so 
>> we can avoid clashing dates

The events listing tries to only list events with some open source
geospatial connection of note.  It does not exist as a calendar for
scheduling other events.

>> * OSGeoWikiURL for this conference

I'm not convinced this internal information is appropriate.  But
in cases where it is it could be included in the text.

>> And what is the process for adding events to the RSS feed source? I 
>> can add some items.

I would note that the number of people posting is deliberately kept modest
to ensure some degree of consistency.  If you would like to be news editor,
I'd be pleased to step down.  I've been less than proactive in the role.

A motion to WebCom would likely be appropriate.  Likewise, non-trivial
changes in how the news queue works should likely be discussed at least
briefly on webcom.

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