[Marketing] FIG conference and exhibition 2017

Kari Salovaara kari.salovaara at pp1.inet.fi
Wed Dec 21 12:30:35 PST 2016

Dear Board and Marketing Committee,

For Your information:
FIG (International Federation for Surveyors, http://fig.net/ ) is
organizing their conference and exhibition ( http://fig.net/fig2017/ )
in Helsinki, Finland May 29 - June 2 2017 (exhibition May 30 to June 1).
>From their website:
"It is the largest and most prestigious conference of surveying
professionals in 2017, this time held in Finland. We expect 800–1,000
surveying and spatial experts from around 70–80 countries. The week-long
conference offers a mix of interesting plenary and technical sessions
and workshops, a trade exhibition and a variety of side events and
social functions. The technical programme will consist of around 350
presentations within the field of surveying including best practice and
new research."

OSGeo Finland asks Marketing Committee if You have intention to
participate this exhibition? See http://fig.net/fig2017/exhibition.htm
for costs and vennue.
I (as chair to OSGeo Finland) and our vice chairman discussed that we
can take part to this event by giving helping hand in daily work and
activities (at least 50% of the time), and we can manage the local
duties needed to get OSGeo presentation booth "running".
We have members who manage several languages (min.Fin,Swe,Eng) and are
GIS professionals who can participate to be present at booth.
Unfortunately our society is small and new and thus our finances don't
let us to pay any fees or other payments for exhibition booth or make or
print any material so this would stay duty for OSGeo Foundation.
And to get material; banners, USB sticks/DVD, brochures?

If You are interested to partipate and see the cooperation with OSGeo
Finland would benefit the common goal, please don't hesitate to contact
me kari.salovaara(at)pp1.inet.fi or our vice chairman Pekka Sarkola

Best regards,
Kari Salovaara
OSGeo Finland

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