[Marketing] Guidelines for marketing activities for local/regional chapters?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 13:58:57 PST 2016

Hi Kari,

It sounds like you have some good ideas and motivation. As you imply, if 
you to follow your gut feeling on what you think should be done next, it 
is quite likely you will attract others to help you.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas,


On 23/11/2016 7:58 AM, Kari Salovaara wrote:
> Hi Cameron,
> thanks answering quickly.
> Maybe I didn't write my original email clear enough, when I mentioned...
> - I know everything what's in wiki and I've understand what that means.
> I've read wiki pages many times and followed when they have been updated
> - yes I know the old manners how to translate but I'm already OSGeo Live
> Transifex translator, only waiting for context
> - yes, I mentioned that flyer and other written material are old and
> asked when committee will upgrade them
> - and I asked if there is some other material as most items have been
> updated none existing (over lined)
> So thanks. I think that I'll manage to tell to board what is the
> situation. We'll find our own ways to inform possible sponsors etc.
> Good night,
> Kari
> 22.11.2016, 21:13, Cameron Shorter kirjoitti:
>> Hi Kari,
>> Great to hear your interest in translating. The process is described
>> here:
>> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc#Translate
>> I notice that the process is slightly out of date in that we are using
>> git now instead of svn, but the rest is good advise.
>> You could start your translation today if you want. Start by logging
>> onto the OSGeo-Live email list and introducing yourself.
>> Note, there is conversation in the OSGeo-Live team about moving to use
>> Transfix for the next release and we are looking for volunteers to
>> help set it up. Maybe you might be able to help source some
>> volunteers? The conversation is happening on the OSGeo-Live list.
> ????? I'm following, are You?
>> The remaining OSGeo Marketing material is quite dated and not in a
>> good state for translation. I'd suggest asking what material you would
>> like first, then focus on what you want to produce, starting by
>> updating what is required. If you are presenting at conferences, I'd
>> suggest you start with a pull-up banner, have OSGeo-Live running on a
>> computer, and hand out OSGeo-Live USBs.
>> Warm regards, Cameron
>> On 23/11/2016 2:03 AM, Kari Salovaara wrote:
>>> Dear OSGeo marketing gurus,
>>> I've read from wiki a couple of times pages relevant to marketing and
>>> OSGeo Live, and followed this and OSGeo Live mailing lists.
>>> We are ready to translate OSGeo Live as soon as it's possible. So this
>>> is not a problem only question when can we start.
>>> Although to make DVD's and/or USB sticks is an open questions as we
>>> don't have supporters as we haven't had
>>> any marketing material so to finance productions is questionable.
>>> Probably we can fix this too.
>>> The real questions is how to produce OSGeo flyer. Templates & co seem to
>>> be quite old (2006) and thus I'm not ready
>>> to start any activities to translate that if they are not expressed to
>>> be uptodate.
>>> Question of Exhibition Pack, wiki says - nearing completion, is
>>> interesting as we would need those things at least 3 times per year
>>> both in our own events (FOSS4G-FIN twice annually, one general and one
>>> smaller for developers,and  QGIS, PostGreSQL+PostGIS Meetups) and for
>>> general public events like national GEO-expo. Obvious "Demonstration DVD
>>> ongoing" mentioned on wiki is OSGeo Live, see above.
>>> Also other brochures etc. could be produced.
>>> Wiki pages are not clear to get status and understanding!
>>> I hope You could give me some info before tomorrow 2200 (UTC) so that I
>>> could tell something to our board and we discusss at open
>>> Christmas Geobeers on Thusday evening also with other members and our
>>> private supporters (I've to travel early Thu morning to Helsinki).
>>> Those most relevant questions;
>>> 1. What is the estimate date we can start OSGeo Live translation
>>> process?
>>> 2. What is the situation of OSGeo flyer, what are the recommended
>>> guidelines to translate it?
>>> All this our work is done totally voluntarily. It would also be nice if
>>> there would be some estimates of time to be used fro e.g. translations.
>>> This (OSGeo Live and flyer) is maybe not problem for us but for some
>>> other local chapters.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Kari Salovaara
>>> OSGeo Finland
>>> chairman
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