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*Marketing Committee Meeting*

Marc chair, jody secretary.jeffery, nicolas, jody.

attending: marc,

meeting agenda:
- weclome new committee members
- 2017 planning
- budget request from board
- website
- exhibition pack


*2017 planning*

Goal is to come out of this meeting with a budget (website,marketing co

*website new committee members*

Website Design
Migrate CMS?

Website committee disolved, currently website is "self-serve" (board
members and project officers).

What does the website need?
- website focused on people doing stuff --> this moved to the wiki
- change focus to the osgeo message

- build around our branch, open source mission
- ground out in our marketting plan

- qgis and foss4g greater "brand" then osgeo

marketing plan:
- mission and vision focues inward too much
- marketing needs to focus outward - what missage for each audience
- discussion on what osgeo is for ..

- grow developers?
- grow users?
- grow number of people making a living using open source

- Branding Guide
- Exhibition Pack

marketing committee mandate:
- cannot find on wiki https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Marketing_Committee
- do we have one?
- how to set up? board, community ...

how to get a mandate (establish with board):
a) for osgeo marketting comittee
b) to redo website in 2017

identify target audience:
- asking project leads did not provide answer
- ask projects again? Not sure they care...
- board stratagy plan had the same problem with lack of response...

approach: message --> marketing stratagy --> tatics

- osgeo outreach (focused on growing our community with new users)
- establish a marketing stratagy for 2017
- support ongoing activities / events like last year (marketing stuff,
marketing handbook)
- a nice website (by boston 2017 event)

*budget request from board*

Goal for 75k budget (25k operations, 50k rfp website).

1) committee budget
- 15k marketing and outreach (10k left form last year)
2) website reset budget
- rfp etc..
- based on jeff's research is 50k (based qgis.org, innovation labs)


top-down approach driven on outreach goals:
- need somethign like this
- http://brigade.codeforamerica.org/brigade/
- a facelift https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Marketing_Plan_Outline

Expectation $50K project to redo previos websites.
- marketing plan
- branding guide
- webstie templates (cms, wiki, etc...)
- help migrate the content
- ask for collateral for exhbit packs

Need the mandate (see above).


short term planning getting the commitee up and running:
- branding: http://cartogenic.com/OSGeo-brand/guide/
- Can also look at time and materials contracts (like SAC) - use caution
with this approach
- management of external vendor can be a nightmare
- action: bi-weekly meeting.
- team 1: Marc and jody shows interest in the committee and establishing
mandate / budget. And then onto the 2017 stratagy document.
- team 2: Jeff and nicolas show interest in website / branding may be
interested in managing the rfp / vendor management.
- action: mandate discussion with board
- action: budget request with board
- action: next meeting dec 14th
- action: marc marketing plan google doc
- action: jeff start terms of reference google doc

mid term planning website:
- Stratagy in December
- RFP January
- Award contract end of January
- Feburary start, expect a 2-3 month contract
- website deadline - foss4g boston

collatoral  / ehibit pack:
- rquest that astrid review marketing collatal
- jeff expects we can get this done as part of branding exercise
- astrid - print and ship to groups worth wide
- jeff promoting a code for america style "conference in a box".
- reach out to sponsors to print and ship.
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