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Jeffrey here is changed text for osgeo.getinteractive.nl:

*Open Source Geospatial*
Our mission is to "empower everyone with open source geospatial". Let us
help you choose an open source technology for you and your team:

   - CHOOSE A PROJECT - guided search to answer the question where do I

*Why open source?*
Open source provides not an alternative but a revolution for the GIS
community. Take control of your future:

   - MIGRATE TO OPEN SOURCE GIS - need someone with industry background to
   write this. Assume we need a stack diagram with commercial and open source
   projects arranged in tiers along with the a couple ways to migrate: 1)
   start new projects with open source, gradual transition 2) hybrid mix and
   match using standards 3) part of a migration to cloud 4) focus on
   transitioning the majority of workforce, leaving small pockets of
   proprietary ...
   - WHAT IS OPEN SOURCE - focus on the basics this is level I
   - CHOOSING OPEN GEOSPATIAL - introduce free and open and apply the
   concepts to open data, open education, open science, ... this is level II

*Join our community*
We are a volunteer organization dedicated to bringing open geospatial to
you. We provide local chapters in your region, a science and academic
network of labs, and an ecosystem of service providers. We look forward to
meeting you.

   - WELCOME - intro to open source and open data, we can cross link
   friends like OSM and some initiatives like UN Open GIS
   - CONNECT WITH LOCAL COMMUNITY - talk about how support works, introduce
   local chapters and service providers, provide on ramp to discover local
   - OPEN SOURCE IN RESEARCH AND EDUCATION - intro to open science and open
   education, introduce geoforall labs

Jody Garnett

On 30 July 2017 at 07:51, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:

> In last week's meeting I was asked to replace the placeholder text on the
> home page - and indeed this is my only personal goal for volunteering the
> weekend.
> Right now we have:
> *Choose a project*
> *With navigation to:*
> *Why open source?*
> *With navigation to:*
>       - *OPEN SOURCE IN SCIENCE AND EDUCATION - explains geoforall and
>       open geoscience work*
> *Join our community*
> *With navigation to:*
>       - *CONNECT WITH LOCAL COMMUNITY - covers local chapters and service
>       providers*
> Review:
> *I am sure we made of some of these navigations quickly, but I like the
> progression of ideas - and focus on people who are not part of our
> community ... yet :)*
> *During FOSS4GE some of the feedback / buzz around the conference was the
> difference between "open source" and "free and open". And I felt that
> feedback when presenting this website/rebranding project.*
> *I would like to add something on "free and open". While I feel strongly
> we cannot put "free and open" on everything (as was requested for brochure
> feedback) because we have not introduced the term yet so it would not help
> communication at this stage. I think the concept is important to introduce.*
> *The "join our community" heading is the only awkward one - it is not
> strictly speaking on point (focus is asking visitors to consider open
> source for the first time). Still with our "open geospatial" component we
> do offer more than just open source ... Going to see if I can write this to
> be links to our Community > Welcome  pages. *I guess this is not
> technically about the mechanics of joining our community - the goal is to
> motivate visitors to reach out to us by sharing what our community offers
> participants
> --
> Jody Garnett
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