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Mon Sep 11 11:25:40 PDT 2017

As per our contract Get Interactive is handing over templates for InDesign
(this was a choice we made during the EOI process to get the most benefit
out of working with a graphic designer, to have access to the files used).

Pim now seems to be caught up on creating icons and the style guide and
Jeffrey Laust asked if he could assist us in the production of a template
using an open source tool more accessible to our community.

Two options were used by our community:


   - *Not a template format, *good for interchange between systems, often
   text is present as outlines for portabilty.


   - *Not a template format, *good for interchange between systems, take
   care on how PDF is produced to avoid font incompatibility between systems

*SVG (1.0) or SVG (1.1)*

   - Application: SVG: Using InkScape (open/free), Sketch
   (paid/commercial), Boxy SVG (free/commercial)
   - Differences in representation of text blocks between SVG 1.0 and SVG
   1.1 produce incompatibilities between InkScape and web browsers.
   - Illustration file format widely supported

*SLA (Scribus Document)*

   - Application: Scribus (open/free)
   - Desktop publishing program, strong separation between layout and
   - User interface for editing text (italic, bold, heading) not WYSIWYG
   - origional from Anita:
   - geoserver migrated from svg to sla:

We need to make a decision if we are to be in position to accept this offer
of help:

* Luca you did all kinds of amazing things with SVG, eventually settling on
editing it by hand rather than use InkScape (which argued with us over how
to represent blocks of text). Before printing in Boston I often had to open
up your SVG files and adjust the aspect ratio and screen elements using
Sketch. Do you have any direction on what program to use?

* Anita you have the most experience with Scribus do you think it will meet
our needs?

* Astrid you are looking at translating into German as I understand it. Do
you have any additional requirements to bring to the table that we should
consider? What program are you comfortable with?

* Personally I was able to get Scribus to work, but I do not like it. It
was less difficult / more reliable then the SVG applications. The control
of PDF export was appreciated. This is how I produced/fixed content for
Boston, often starting from SVG file produced by project team. I personally
found Sketch very productive and did much of the initial template
experimenting using that application.

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Jody Garnett
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