[OpenLayers-Dev] Automated Testing

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Dec 18 14:44:18 EST 2007


I think that the non-functional modifications should exclude any  
significant change to the test framework (run-tests, auto-tests) -  
i.e. those would require a ticket and review, since we are relying on  
the test framework to tell when stuff is broken.  This would include  
the changes I made yesterday, which in hindsight I should have  
proposed and got some sort of review on.  It would not include the  
changes I made to the actual tests to accommodate Safari's CSS quirks  

I also think that the trivial modifications category could be a little  
more lax unless the 'obvious typos' includes minor changes that are  
not typos?

That being said, I don't feel strongly about changing it ... but I  
don't think it captures the spirit of the change in process that Chris  
was aiming for.


On 18-Dec-07, at 2:11 PM, Tim Schaub wrote:

> Sure, I think the automated tests are great.
> The HowToContribute wiki page is a bit soft on describing commits to  
> the
> trunk.  How about we agree on a procedure.  I think this fits what  
> we're
> already doing (perhaps more lax in testing).  What do you (all)  
> think of
> http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/TrunkCommits
> Is that acceptable?
> Tim

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